Embelleze - Mother's Day

Institutional film for cosmetic brand Embelleze.

"Live the Greatest Change in Life"
Embelleze Campaign for Mother's Day

Embelleze is a very traditional comestic company in Brazil, with over 40 years of existence. It is in it's DNA to be always as faithful as possibly, on every aspect of your communication, in a way to show respect to your millions of clients and to making them feel safe with the results of its products.

So as a part of the campaign for Mother's Day, we decided to interview 4 of it's employees, of different areas, to figure out what's all about being a mother. No script, no plans. Just some guiding questions and about 10 minutes of talk with each mother. 

The results are very emotional and shows the true feelings of giving birth and the changes it makes in the life of a regular true woman.


Cinematography, Direction & Editing: Carlos Vargas
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